Our Team

Laurie - Office Manager

Meet Laurie, the heart and soul behind the seamless operations at Sunnyview Dental. She represents the spirit of our practice with a blend of warmth, efficiency, and a determined commitment to patient satisfaction. As our office manager, she ensures that every visit feels more like a homecoming than an appointment.
But Laurie’s role extends far beyond administrative duties. She supports both patients and staff alike. Need a reassuring word before your check-up? Laurie’s there with a comforting smile and a listening ear. Feeling anxious about a procedure? Her soothing conduct instantly puts nerves at ease. Her dedication to fostering a welcoming atmosphere is unmatched. Whether remembering a patient’s name or sharing a funny story to lighten the mood, her personalized touch makes our dental clinic feel at home.
So, the next time you step through the doors of Sunnyview Dental, know that Laurie and her team are here to ensure your visit is nothing short of exceptional. With Laurie, your smile is in the best of hands.
(289) 272-8203