Direct Billing Insurance Near You

At Sunnyview Dental, we take pride in offering direct insurance billing in Georgetown to our patients, providing them with a convenient and stress-free experience during their dental treatments. We follow the ODA fee guide so that you get quality dentistry at fair market prices.

direct insurance billing in georgetown

What Is Direct Insurance Billing?

Direct insurance billing in Georgetown is a service where we handle the entire insurance claim process on behalf of our patients. The process takes away the hassle of a patient having to pay and then be reimbursed by the insurance company. This facilitates the process for the patient so they can seek dental treatment without having to worry about financial burdens.

We Follow the ODA Fee Guide

The ODA fee guide in Ontario is a suggested fee schedule provided by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) that outlines the recommended prices for dental procedures in the province.

At Sunnyview Dental, we adhere to the ODA fee guide to ensure transparency and fairness in our pricing.

By following the ODA fee guide, we offer our patients standardized and reasonable pricing for dental treatments, making it easier for them to understand the costs and receive essential dental care without financial surprises.

Benefits of Direct Insurance Billing

  • Convenience – Our patients appreciate the convenience of direct insurance billing in Georgetown. They can relax during their dental appointments knowing that we will handle the insurance paperwork on their behalf.
  • Financial Transparency – We provide our patients with a detailed breakdown of the treatment costs, their insurance coverage, and their financial responsibility. This ensures transparency and helps them make informed decisions about their dental care.
  • Reduced Waiting Time – By submitting insurance claims promptly and accurately, we help expedite the reimbursement process, leading to faster payments for our patients and the dental office.
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction – Our commitment to direct insurance billing near you contributes to higher patient satisfaction, as they experience a seamless and efficient dental visit from start to finish.

Are You Looking For Direct Insurance Billing Near You?

At Sunnyview Dental, we believe that every patient deserves access to quality dental care without the added stress of insurance paperwork and payment hassles. By offering direct insurance billing in Georgetown, we aim to make dental visits as comfortable and efficient as possible.